5 Best Shin Guards for Deadlifts & Bear Grips

When it comes to shin guards for deadlifts, there are many options. You can try Bear Grips Padded Shin Guard Sleeves 2.0, RockTape RockGuards, The Fit Guy’s Shin Guards, or Smart Strength’s shin guard. The Bear Grips sleeves are available in three colors and are about twenty-five to forty-five dollars.

Bear Grips Padded Shin Guard Sleeves

The Bear Grips Padded Shin Guard Sleeves are a great way to protect your shins when doing deadlifts or any type of weightlifting exercise. They are 5mm thick and padded on the front with neoprene. There’s a zipped ankle and foot strap for a secure fit. And they’re made with the highest quality neoprene available.

Bear Grips Padded Shin Guard Sleeves 2.0

The Bear Grips Deadlift Shin Guard Sleeves 2.0 offer 5mm of padding, which is more than double what traditional lifting socks offer. They also come with a silicone band at the top to prevent slipping. They’re available in black, white, and grey and cost around thirty-five dollars per pair.

Rocktape Rockguards

RockGuards are a pair of shin protectors that are made with 5mm neoprene on the front and lightweight mesh on the back, and have a two-inch zipper down the bottom. They are ideal for deadlifts and box jumps, as well as trail running and obstacle course racing.

Five Mm Thick Synthetic Neoprene

The RockGuards made with five mm thick synthetic neoprene that conforms to the calf area. The mesh back allows the RockGuards to dry quickly. They also feature a silicone ring on the top for extra security.

The Fit Guy’s Shin Guards

The Fit Guy’s Shin Guards for deadlifts are made of thick neoprene to protect your shins and prevent bruising. They also keep your calves warm, and they promote proper starting technique. They worn by men or women, and made to fit comfortably.

Crossfitters High Rep Deadlifts

These shin guards made for Crossfitters who are doing high rep Deadlifts for a long time, or those who want to avoid shin injuries. While StrongLifts 5×5 performed without shin guards, they require good form. Some argue that using shin guards actually encourages bad form. They remove the feedback from your shins, so you may have a tendency to do a poor form because of the padding.

Shin Guards

Smart Strength’s Shin Guard


The Smart Strength shin guard for deadlifts is a versatile piece of fitness equipment for lifting heavy weights. The material is made of premium neoprene and conforms to the shape of the calf. It also features synthetic 4-way stretch.

Prevent Back Injury

He shin guard prevents the bar from scraping the skin and can help prevent back injury. It also keeps the bar on the body for the entire deadlift, preventing it from lifting the shin off the floor and placing more stress on the mid and low back. Moreover, the shin guard doubles as a clave warmer to help improve movement dynamics.

Unbroken Shop Shin Guard

Unbroken Shop makes a high-quality shin guard designed for deadlifts. They offer thick, breathable pads that protect the shin from the bar’s friction. The shin guards are adjustable, making them the perfect choice for deadlifts. They come in various colors and models. They range in price from 10 to twenty dollars, depending on the design and texture.

Made in the USA

The shin guard features a neoprene shell with an elastic foot harness and silicone band. The neoprene is 5mm thick and will help protect your shins. They will also keep your calves warm, promoting improved circulation. The guards made in the USA, allowing them to fit snugly and not ride up.

Moxy Compression Socks

During deadlifts, the proper sock can make or break your performance. Moxy’s premium deadlift socks designed to provide exceptional support and ventilation. They feature a mesh ventilation panel and added cushioning from mid-calf to knee. They designed with a hexagon stitching pattern for maximum durability.

Made of  Durable and Thick Material

Compression material is the most effective way to hold up a sock, and it can last a long time. Unlike your average pair of socks, deadlift socks worn repeatedly, so they need to be durable. Moxy’s deadlift socks are made of a durable and thick material, which helps them last for years.

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