Amren – A Powerful Being from another World

Amren is a powerful being from another world. She is an assassin for a wrathful god, a hoarder of precious jewels, and an angel of death. Amren’s task is a challenging one. In order to accomplish this mission, she must memorize thirty-eight sonnets, one epic ballad, forty-five geometrical theorems, and the names of seventeen districts in the city of Ancuell.

Trapping Amren in a Mortal Body

The story behind Amren, a powerful being from another world, starts several millennia ago. It is thought that a portal between the realms of the High Fae and Prythian closed, trapping Amren in a mortal body. The being is a powerful being, and she hoards a vast amount of knowledge.

Amren Drinks Blood to Maintain Herself

Amren drinks blood to maintain herself, and she also hoards baubles, threatening deadly punishment to those who steal them. In the novel A Court of Mist and Fury, Amren helps heal Cassian’s wings, but her healing power is limited. She is also known for destroying protective wards.

Assassin for a Wrathful God

Amren is an assassin of a wrathful god. She is an assassin from another world who has hired by god to kill her enemies. Amren is a winged being of blinding light and attacks her enemies with a beam of fire. Amren and her siblings burn their enemies to nothing before they are destroyed by a rip in the sky.

General Information

1.       Full name
2.       Also known as
Tiny Ancient One (by Cassian)
3.       Title(s)
Second to the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court
4.       Age
5.       Species
High Fae
Angel of Death (formerly)
6.       Powers
7.       Home
Amren’s Apartment
Night Court
Unknown Realm (formerly)
8.       Status
Physical description
9.       Gender
Eye Color
Hair Color
10.   Relationships
Unnamed father
Unnamed brothers and sisters
Varian (lover)
11.   Series Information
A Court of Mist and Fury (first appearance)
A Court of Wings and Ruin
A Court of Frost and Starlight
A Court of Silver Flames
House of Sky and Breath

Amren is very small, a few inches smaller than Feyre. She has smooth skin and straight black hair. Her pretty face is framed by angular silver eyes. These eyes swirl like smoke, and they turn into a more normal silver color when she becomes a High Fae. She also has small hands and a soft voice.

Hoarder of Precious Jewels

Amren is a powerful being from another realm who was trapped in the fleshly form of a High Fae warrior and stranded in Prythian when the portal to her world closed. Amren has the ability to travel between worlds and has a particular fondness for precious gems. However, when the portal between her world and Prythian closed, Amren was trapped in a cave under Bald Mountain by a powerful Fae warrior. She is now a hoarder of precious jewels and is often referred to as a drake.

Amren’s past is complex and her background is not entirely clear. While a High Fae, she is the second in command of the Night Court and is a member of Rhysand’s Inner Circle. Amren is an ancient creature with an unknown origin. She was imprisoned for centuries and eventually freed herself by giving up her grace and immortality to become a High Fae.


Angel of Death

Amren is a member of the High Fae. She is able to manipulate others’ minds. She also has the ability to kill by illusion. The characters of A Court of Mist and Fury have to deal with her wrath. However, her power is limited. She can destroy protective wards and kill by illusion.

Despite her powers, Amren has a dark and twisted personality. She’s the second in command of the High Lord of the Night Court and part of Rhysand’s Inner Circle. Her true form is unknown, but she’s a powerful creature of unknown origins. She was imprisoned for millennia, but she found a way to escape. In the process, she gave up her perfect immortality and grace. This caused her body to become a high Fae.

High Fae

Amren is a High Fae who is a powerful High Fae. She is the mate of Rhys, the High Lord, and he has been with her since 500 years. However, he was captured by Amarantha’s army. Az and Cas were in different legions and Rhys was tortured by her captains for weeks. They used ash bolts in his wings and chains to keep him down. However, he refused to tell Cas and Az anything he knew about her. He knew that Az and Cas were in danger, and he was going to kill them.

Amren has black hair that reaches her chin, tan skin, and silver eyes. She tells Feyre about Rhys and the High Lords that she has met before, but none of them are as special as Rhys. Amren says that she has never met anyone as unique as Rhys, and she has tried to write him notes, but Rhys never responds to them.


Bisexual Woman

The ACOTAR series is full of diverse characters, and Amren is no exception. She was raised in a very queer environment. Her storyline focuses on the Night Court as they prepare to battle Koschei the Deathless, and the book’s setting is both exotic and familiar. However, the bisexuality of Amren feels forced. This is perhaps a result of the author’s time constraints.

Thorns and Roses Book Review

Amren is a powerful being from another realm who is vain and temperamental. He is often told as a bedtime tale to scare young faeries into proper behavior. However, despite his vainness, he has a very important role in the life of the Fae.

Hoarder of Precious Jewels

Amren is a vain, cunning, and temperamental High Fae who known for hoarding her treasures. She drinks blood to maintain her strength and threatens those who steal her jewels with death. However, she has some caring qualities and is willing to sacrifice herself to save her beloved Prythian. Her friendship with Rhysand so strong that she once invited her to sleep in his bed. She has a long life span and believed to be much older than her beloved Prythian.

After her capture by the Night Court, Amren warns the Night Court that Adriata is attempting to destroy the Wall. In response, the Night Court sends her to train with Varian and Azriel. However, she doesn’t allow them to train with Cassian, and instead, she trains with her. In the process, she learns how to seal fissures.


Vain and Temperamental

The High Lords of Prythian are Tamlin, Mor, Cassien, and Azriel. Amren is the Second in command. They all aspire to rule the realm, but they have different temperaments and personalities. Mor is particularly vain, and Amren is temperamental. They warn each other about Amren’s temper.

Bedtime Story

Amren is a popular story used to scare young faeries. It’s also a popular story to read to children. The main character, Amren, is the daughter of a powerful father in Velaris. It’s an entertaining tale that demonstrates why faeries aren’t as nice as people think they are.

Amren is a small fairy-like faerie with straight black hair and smooth skin. Her silver eyes are angular and shimmer like smoke under a glass. She will eventually turn a normal silver color and eventually become the High Fae. Amren has a beautiful face and a sweet voice.

Important Character

Amren is a bisexual woman and an important character in the Court of Thorns and Roses series. Her storyline was somewhat predictable and wrapped up too neatly. I was glad to see more diversity in the series, but there were a few problems with Amren’s storyline. I thought her storyline was too cliched, and I was disappointed when Mor revealed she was gay. Also, I didn’t feel the chemistry between Amren and Rhys was as intense as it was in A Court of Thorns and Roses.


Amren possesses magical abilities

The faerie Amren possesses magical abilities that enable her to manipulate others’ minds and destroy their protective wards. She can heal a person by illusion, but this power is limited. She is a powerful ally of Rhysand and she has strong political connections with the royal family.

Amren is a High Fae who lives in the city of Velaris. She is the Second-in-command to the High Lord of the Night Court and a member of the Inner Circle. Her origins are unknown, but she is a powerful creature who has spent millennia in captivity. In order to escape from her prison, she gave up her grace and immortality and was cast into the form of a High Fae.

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