EMCI Wireless & Motorola Digital Radios for Businesses

In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the companies that provide radio systems for businesses. These include EMCI Wireless, Comm-Serv, Airwave Communications, RCS Incorporated, and Motorola. Each one offers a different solution for a business or organization’s communication needs.

EMCI Wireless

With a comprehensive portfolio of digital radios and accessories, Motorola can help your organization achieve new levels of productivity, safety and efficiency. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, MOTOTRBO has the right solution to fit your needs. These radios combine digital technology with two-way radio to provide enhanced capacity, features and exceptional voice quality.

Manufacturer’s Representative in Florida

EMCI Wireless is the largest Motorola Solutions Manufacturer’s Representative in Florida, covering two-thirds of the state. They are dedicated to the public safety market, and their solutions are trusted by law enforcement, education, fire rescue and emergency management departments across Florida.


If your organization has a wireless network and you want to improve the performance of your two-way radios, Motorola can help. They offer a variety of services to optimize performance and prevent downtime. These include hardware repair and software upgrades. You can also get technical support to troubleshoot any problems.

GPS Features

The built-in GPS features on these radios allow you to monitor fleet activity in real-time on a color-coded map. You can also receive alerts for Man Down and Lone Worker incidents, and view real-time vehicle locations through the MOTOTRBO Location Services software application. The software lets you customize the configuration of your system for increased efficiency.

EMCI Wireless


Wireless Devices

Motorola solutions offers a wide range of wireless devices. From entry-level two-way radios to customizable systems, Motorola radios help keep employees connected wherever they are. They are ideal for any workplace where communication is necessary.

Airwave Communications

For organizations that rely on two-way radios to communicate with each other, reliability and security are key factors that cannot be compromised. Motorola Solutions radios are purpose-built and ultra-rugged, but they also require regular maintenance and software updates. Managing your radio fleet can be a challenge, especially if your company is facing issues such as security breaches and obsolete software. Fortunately, there are several resources available to help you manage your radio fleet.

Integrate Digital

MOTOTRBO digital radios provide a platform for enterprises to manage their operations and integrate digital technology. These solutions allow companies to streamline their workflows, increase their productivity and improve safety. The technology in MOTOTRBO radios is compatible with third-party applications and allows for direct integration with IT staff. In addition, MOTOTRBO systems provide scalable communications solutions for any size business. These radios combine digital technology with two-way radio to offer enhanced voice quality and capacity.

RCS Incorporated

RCS Incorporated has been a two-way radio dealer in the US for more than 60 years. The company provides superior two-way radio expertise and service to public safety agencies throughout the twin cities metro area. In addition, the company also offers two-way radio rentals and repair services.

Scalable Communications Solution

The ASTRO 25 public safety radio system is a leading Project (P25) standards-based system, used by over 11,000 agencies worldwide. It features legendary Motorola reliability and continues to evolve with practical innovations and performance-driven capabilities. This robust communications platform is the perfect choice for public safety agencies that want to protect their communities and neighboring communities. With the ASTRO 25 radio system, public safety agencies can unify their communications with a scalable communications solution. They can prioritize calls for open channels, assign priority status to important users, and use a wireline console to handle centralized dispatch.

Comsource, Inc

If your company relies on two-way radios to communicate with customers, staff, and partners, you can get better performance and reliability with Motorola Solutions radios. These radios are rugged and purpose-built, and they are designed for long-term, trouble-free use. To keep your radios running at peak performance, it’s important to update your software and perform maintenance. If you don’t manage your radio fleet properly, you may end up with outdated software, programming challenges, and security breaches. Luckily, there are a variety of resources available to help you manage your radio fleet and optimize its performance.

Communications Service

Motorola has several channel partners in the northeast. They include communications service in ohio, sierra electronics in northeast california, and kay radio, inc., which has been providing wireless communication solutions for over 48 years. If you’re looking for a dealer, contact one of these companies for a free quote.

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