New York LLC Publishing $375 Flat Fee & Type of Business

An LLC publishing service can be a great way to reduce the cost of publishing your LLC and simplify the process. The three best companies to use are Harbor Compliance, BizFilings, and ZenBusiness. An LLC is a type of business structure that allows owners to separate their personal obligations from those of their business. Many individuals and groups of businesspeople use LLCs.

Cost of New York LLC Publication Requirement

When filing an LLC in New York, one must publish its formation notice in at least two state-circulating newspapers. The publication must run for six weeks in both newspapers. Depending on the newspaper’s rate, this can cost from $60 to $1200. In addition to this cost, one must also pay a $50 filing fee for a Certificate of Publication.

Registered Agent Service

The publication requirement is not a difficult process, but it is important to understand its consequences. If you fail to publish your business documents, you may lose your license to do business in New York. If you don’t know the procedure and are unsure about the costs, you can hire a registered agent service to help you complete it. You can also hire an attorney to help you complete the process.

New York LLC Publication

To satisfy the New York LLC publication requirement, you must place ads in two newspapers within the county where your business has its headquarters. Typically, you need to place ads in both newspapers for six weeks. However, there are times when this process can be time-consuming. The costs of LLC publication will depend on your local newspaper’s publication fees, as well as the cost of filing with the state.

LLC Publishing

Cost of Publishing Ads in New York


The cost of publishing ads for an LLC in New York can vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Depending on the type of LLC, this can be an expensive process, especially for startup companies with little or no capital.

Cost of Harbor Compliance’s Compliance Package

If your business is complicated, you may want to consider using a compliance package from Harbor Compliance. They specialize in helping companies maintain compliance with business licensing agencies. Their team prepares applications and uses proprietary software to track fees, deadlines, and renewals. Harbor Compliance also offers a service called Software as a Service (SaaS), which helps manage multi-state compliance. This software lets you manage your licenses across all states, manage due dates, assign tasks to employees, and access corporate records. In addition, their SaaS product helps you receive documents from your registered agent.

Company Most Comprehensive Package

Harbor Compliance’s compliance package is more expensive than many other companies, but it does come with a personalized customer service representative. Additionally, the company’s most comprehensive package contains everything a new business owner needs to start up. While it is expensive, this package is ideal for businesses that expect to deal with complex legal and compliance issues at the state level.

Managed Annual Report Service

Moreover, Harbor Compliance offers a one-year registered agent service. This service costs $175 per state, plus state filing fees. While this service is not free, it can free up your employees to focus on other tasks. The company also offers volume discounts up to 40%. You can also take advantage of the company’s Managed Annual Report Service, which will take care of filing annual reports in time. Its software tracks due dates and automates the filing process. Depending on the amount of annual reporting required, Harbor Compliance may be a more affordable option than you think.

Harbor’s Proprietary Software

If you have multiple locations, this service will be especially beneficial. It will make it easier to monitor registration requirements and annual reporting deadlines across multiple states. Harbor’s proprietary software allows you to monitor your registrations across all states with ease. In addition, the company also offers nationwide services, which is ideal for large companies that need to register in multiple states.

Cost of  Zenbusiness’ Compliance Package

The ZenBusiness compliance package is designed to take the headache out of filing your company’s annual reports. It includes two amendments per year and assistance with state filings. These services are offered for a cost of $119 per year. If you’re starting a small business, you will probably be unable to handle all the details of compliance on your own. To prevent this, you should purchase the compliance package together with your business formation package.

Basic Coverage Package Costs

ZenBusiness also offers Registered Agent services to help you with your state registration process. The Basic Coverage package costs $99, while the Complete Coverage package costs $149. The Complete Coverage package also includes a worry-free compliance package that allows you to file your annual report with the state. The ZenBusiness Pro and Premium packages also include a compliance package.

Staff  knowledgeable about state Policies

ZenBusiness has a friendly staff that is ready to help you through the process. The staff is knowledgeable about state policies and will help you with any questions or concerns. Their website is simple to use and allows you to add on a la carte options as needed. The service saves you time and effort because you can customize your package to suit your business needs.

Action Plan Service

The ZenBusiness compliance package also covers filing deadlines. Most states require a report every year and failing to file it can result in heavy penalties. They also monitor the status of your company with the state and provide you with an action plan. This service can also help you regain your good rating.

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